Who is SurChoice?

SurChoice incentivizes customers to pay with cash, check and debit. Allowing you to keep more of what you earn. Our passion is to help small and medium size businesses retain profits without having to increase prices. To empower them, help them be informed and truly in a better position than they were before reaching out to us. More importantly, educating them and their consumers on why surcharging is a great thing for savings, but the consumers as well. Surcharging is an important step to keep prices fair for all customers, reducing inflation, margin erosion, and giving our / your customers a choice… A choice on how to pay, how to save and how to prevent future increases at their favorite merchants.

“We want to help small businesses any way that we can”

Our team has been in the business over ten years and one thing is consistent: margins get smaller while overhead gets bigger. This is why we got into this business, to help merchants.


We will help any merchant, agent or ISO who asks for guidance, even if you never intent to use our product It is important to us that we can help make a difference with our community and with our unique products. This is who we are and who we want to be synonymous with when someone asks “who is SurChoice”.

How can we help you?

We offer a free consulting session where we can guide you on all things related to digital payments:

  • Interchange optimization
  • Setting up your own compliant surcharge program
  • Advising on compliant and non compliant cash discounting programs
  • Payment security and how to protect your customers
  • Best practices when it comes to digital payments
  • Statement analysis and guidance
  • API integrations
  • etc…

Give us a shot to help you. It is completely free and there is no upsell attempts. Sessions can be completely anonymous.

The best way to setup a session with us is to reach out to us via our A.I. assistant.

Schedule a Free Guidance Session