Do you want more profits?

Then stop paying credit card processing fees!

Take our quiz and get customized advice that walks you through setting up a compliant surcharge program, or a compliant cash discount program.

Takes 3 minutes! Guided by our new AI assistant

Who is SurChoice?

SurChoice is a local fintech that helps small and medium-sized businesses make more money. The main way that they do this is by incentivizing customers to pay with cash, check, and or debit. Thus allowing you to keep more of what you earn. Best of all, our compliant cash discount programs and our complaint surcharge programs follow the rules set out by the card brands and or the local states.

Compliant Cash Discount Programs - SurChoice

You don’t have to use our software. You can do it on your own, for free if you would like. Just follow the 4 steps below.

Step #1

Review our guide, rules and regulations that are set out by the card brands. They are complex but certainly doable.

Step #2

Alert all parties in advance, plan your integration. Specialized software or equipment may be required for compliance.

Step #3

Test all integrations, equipment and software before going live. A compliant surcharge program requires itemization and BIN checking.

Step #4

A successful launch needs to be done with precision to ensure long-term adaptation. This requires monitoring and adapting.


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